CSWC competitors attempt to smoke a small, mareva-sized cigar for as long as possible on a single light. A series of qualifying tournaments takes place around the globe each year, culminating with a world championship in Split, Croatia.

Principle Cigars founder, Darren Cioffi, became became the biggest name in competitive cigar smoking overnight as the first American ever to win the championship. Since then, he has broken the world record for ‘slow smoking’ FIVE times and has been the champion of national tournaments in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden and France.

In 2015 Principle Cigars and Club Mareva made history by bringing the first ever CSWC Tournament to US Soil in Nashville, Tennessee. For the third year in the USA, we are proud to bring you two official US competitions: NASHVILLE and CHICAGO!



Chicago Tournament

May 16, 2018

St. Louis Tournament

May 15, 2018

Nashville Tournament

May 11, 2018


Cigar Smoking World Championship in Croatia, Teaser Trailer

Fox 17 coverage of the 2015 Nashville CSWC qualifying tournament.